WINDOW Release History

WINDOW Release History

WINDOW 7 Release History


WINDOW 7.7.10 Download

Known Bugs


Environmental Conditions -- Can't make a new record

In this version, it is not possible to make new Environmental Conditions. If you need this functionality, you should probably uninstall 7.7.10 and install 7.7.07

Bug Fixes


Glass Library Update

Fixed issue reported by user of sometimes getting an error code when updating the Glass Library to the latest version of the IGDB. This has been fixed.

Gap Library: New name reverts to Default on Save

Program now should keep the changed name on Save (rather than reverting back to Default).

Gap Library: Up and down arrows don't work when creating a gas mixture

This has been fixed

Error opening WINDOW 7.4 database in 7.7

This has been fixed

Improvements in Libraries when saving new records

Under some circumstances, program would create a new record in a library even if the "Overwrite existing records is checked". This has been fixed in the Glazing System Library, but may still be a problem in the Glass Library.

Program asks to save record even if nothing has changed

This annoying bug has been at least partially fixed. The program should no longer ask to save the record (when going from Detail view to List view) if nothing has changed. There still may be edge cases that aren't covered, but hopefully this is a much needed improvement for the general case.

If the program can't open a WINDOW database, it gets into an infinite loop

When this happens, the program now allows you to select another database, rather than having to end the program through Task Manager (!)

Window Library: Double arrow selection of Type does not update the image

This has been fixed

Window Library: Under some circumstances, the name was not saved

This has been fixed

Comparisons with Previous Versions

  • 100 glazing system set comparison

    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.7.10 [PDF]



WINDOW 7.7.07 Download



Shading Layer Library

Added Optical Openness input for shading layers in the Shading Layer Library

Matrix Library reader

Has been adapted to use the new Radiance version


Updated to Radiance version 5.2, Oct 29, 2018

Bug Fixes

Database name and path didn't appear in the program title bar immediately on opening the program

This has been fixed

Incorrect absorptance calculation in BSDF

This has been fixed

Glazing System Report change

Vtc has been changed to Tvis under the Optical Properties section

Angular calculations for some cases (PET) were not correct

This has been fixed

Command line did not support new PermeabilityFactor input

This has been fixed

Angular calculations resulted in R+T>1 in some cases

This has been fixed

Angular calculations were broken when using the matrix method for specular glass

This has been fixed

"Frame doesn't exist" message

In some cases, the program would display the message "Frame doesn't exist" in a Window Library record, when the frame actually did exist in the Frame Library. This has been fixed.

When reading BSDF matrix values the program was not using the standard library

This has been fixed

Comparisons with Previous Versions

  • 100 glazing system set comparison

    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.7.07 [PDF]



WINDOW 7.7.01 Download



Compiled with updated libraries

WINDOW (and THERM) were compiled with Visual Studio 2017 and Intel Fortran Composed XE 2018. Hence the need to install these as redistributables when installing this new version

Better Scaling on high DPI (resolution)  monitors

Using the newer Microsoft Visual C++ components allowed better scaling on high resolution monitors. Now WINDOW list views are scaled better so that they are (hopefully) readable.

Glass Library ID Limit of 65000 no longer exists

When importing a glass layer from Optics, WINDOW was restricting the ID to a value no larger than 65000. This limit no longer exists. 

Approval symbol now displayed for Shading Systems in the Glazing System Library

The "approval" symbol (# for NFRC, @ for AERC) is now displayed for records in the Glazing System Library.

Vertical and Horizontal blinds

EnerygPlus now uses different algorithms for the thermal calculations of vertical and horizontal slatted blinds. This resulted in

  • Additions to the Energy Plus BSDF IDF file from WINDOW to reflect these changes

Eliminated calculation time estimate for genBSDF calculations

In the Shading Layer Library when Type = THERM, when you click the Calc button, the program generates a "genBSDF" file that can take the program a long time to generate (many minutes). The program used to try to estimate the time it would take to do this calculation; that estimation just added yet MORE time to the simulation (!), so that estimate has been eliminated from the calculation process. Just know that calculating the genBSDF files can take a long time.

Bug Fixes


Chromogenics calculations fixed

Previous versions resulted in different results for Chromogenics glazing systems in List and Detail view in the Window Library. This has been fixed.

Window Library

  • Changing the name of the Window caused the program to invalidate the results. This has been fixed -- the results remain even after a name change. 

Shading Layer Library

  • The name of the record in the Shading Layer Library would become blank after browsing to a THERM THMX file (when Type = THERM THMX). This has been fixed. 
  • The interactions between fields when defining a Venetian blind (horizontal or vertical) have been refined. For example, some fields would appear to be editable, when actually they were not, based on how the other inputs were configured. Hopefully, this screen is now clearer in terms of what can be edited. Feedback ([email protected]) is always welcome. 
  • Calculations for between glass venetian blinds have been changed to use the Waterloo method for all cases (regardless of gap with between the blind and the glass layers) with the SDScalar coefficients set to 0.7 (rather than the default of 1.0). This results in better correlation to our test results. 

Glazing System Library

  • The program would not display the Radiance results after finishing the calculation unless you moved to another library and back again. This has been fixed.
  • In the Detail view, the IG Height and IG Width boxes were not big enough to show all the significant digits. This has been fixed.

Gap Library

  • Feedback boxes displaying the values for Coefficients were not big enough to show all the significant digits of the values. This has been fixed. 



WINDOW 7.6.04 Download

Bug Fixes

Revision to slat shade thermal openness (A_h) equation

Modifications were made to implement correctly the slat spacing used in Laouadi's paper, as well as account for the slat thickness when tilted, which that paper does not account for. This is only applicable when shades are full tilted (the impact is essentially zero for all other cases). It also has a very minor impact on SHGC since solar dominates there. 

Visible and solar properties were mixed up in some instances

This has been fixed.

Comparisons with Previous Versions

  • 100 glazing system set comparison
    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.6.04 [PDF]



WINDOW 7.4.14 Download



Increase Frame Glazing System Tolerance upper limit to 2000%

In the Options tab of Preferences, it is possible to set the Frame Glazing System Thickness Tolerance %. However, the allowed value had an upper limit of 100%, which was not sufficient for modeling storm windows, which sometimes need that value to be > 1000%. Therefore, the upper limit of this value was increased to 2000%.

Bug Fixes


Extinction Coefficient Calculation

This version fixes a bug related to calculating the extinction coefficient (equation 7.2.1g in the WINDOW 4 Documentation of Calculation Procedures) in the angle dependence calculation for monolithic glass layers. The limit of 1E-10 is replaced with 1E-10.

Non-Convergence Errors for Some Glazings Systems with Shades

In previous versions of WINDOW the program would report non-convergence errors for glazing systems with shading systems. This has been fixed.

Preference Setting for "Don't Show CR Warning Messages Didn't "Stick"

In previous versions of WINDOW, checking the "Don't show CR warning messages" didn't stick between program sessions. This has been fixed.

Comparisons with Previous Versions

  • 100 glazing system set comparison
    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.06 [PDF]
  • 100 glazing system set comparison
    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 6.3.74 [PDF]
  • Set of whole products, specular glazing systems
    • Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.14 / THERM 7.4.04 vs Berkeley Lab WINDOW 7.4.06 / THERM 7.4.03 [PDF]