Software Tools

  • A computer program for calculating total window thermal performance indices


  • THERM's two-dimensional conduction heat-transfer analysis is based on the finite-element method, which can model the complicated geometries of building products.

  • graphic of comfen

    An interface that supports the systematic evaluation of alternative fenestration systems for project-specific commercial building applications.


  • This is the tool for manipulating optical layers and calculating spectral data for different stacks of optical elements. The program allows the user to combine both glazing layers, e.g. a double pane window, and optical elements, e.g. applied films, laminates, and substrates.

  • The IGDB is a collection of optical data for glazing products. Spectral transmittance and reflectance is measured in a spectrophotometer and contributed to the IGDB by the manufacturer of the glazing product subject to a careful review.

  • A repository for non-specular fenestration products such as shade screens, Venetians blinds, and cellular shades.

  • Radiance is a suite of programs for the analysis and visualization of lighting in design. It employs advanced Monte Carlo ray-tracing with optimizations for complex building geometries and fenestration systems.

  • AERCalc is used to calculate the annual energy performance of window attachments.