AERCalc Software Downloads

Version 1.2.06
Released: March 26, 2018

Release Notes:

This version has the following change:

  • Revised ceiling, wall, and floor insulation configurations of baseline buildings to match IECC 1998 specifications. Revisions typically result in changes to EPh and EPc of 0 to 3 EP.

Installation Notes

Uninstall any previous AERCalc version, including the Appdata directory

Before installing this latest version, please uninstall any previous version of AERCalc. In addition, you will need to delete (by hand in Windows Explorer) the "Appdata" directory that AERCalc creates when it runs. This directory is located here:


It is not normally visible in Windows Explorer, so you may need to make it "visible" in the Explorer view settings to "view hidden file, folders and drives"

If you do not delete this directory, the new version of AERCalc will not function properly.

Copy or Move files in Appdata that you don't want to delete

If you want to save any files that you have already calculated, the simplest way to do that is to use the File/Save As feature, which makes a Project, and stores the information from the following directories in the folder name that you specify when clicking on File/Save As:

  • db subdirectory: this is where the program stores the AERCalc database. If you want to save that database because you have imported lots of files, you may want to 
  • bsdf subdirectory: this is where the program stores the Energy Plus IDF files it creates when the WINDOW records are imported.

W7 subdirectory: this directory contains the default WINDOW 7 database. If you have used it for importing records into AERCalc, you may want to move/copy it to another location

Install the latest versions of WINDOW 7.6 and THERM 7.6