NFRC Procedures for Laminates

NFRC Procedures for Laminates

Last Updated: 

Thursday, August 9, 2023

Software/Versions Affected:

  • Optics›5
  • Optics›6
  • WINDOW›6
  • WINDOW›7

NFRC now has a procedure for making laminates in Optics5 and importing those laminate constructions into WINDOW5 to be used in a whole product calculation.

The information presented below is provided to help simulators with this process. Feel free to contact us at with questions or comments.

NFRC Laminate Procedure

  • Laminate Procedures (approved by NFRC) (PDF)
  • Approved Interlayer List (IGDB 94.0(PDF)

Help and Troubleshooting

Error Messages

The table below contains common warnings and error messages that may appear in Optics5 when calculating a laminate. Some of the messages can be ignored, and some are significant, which is indicated in the table.

Warning Message

CalcLam.usr - Laminate

Results could not be calculated at all wavelengths in the selected wavelength set.

Wavelength set truncated to: 0.300 - 2.500 µm


Warning message can be ignored, as the wavelength range of the calculation we are interested in is 0.3 - 2.5 microns (or 300 - 2500 nanometers), so this range truncation is within the calculation range we want.

Maximum Number of Interlayers

Optics5 will allow 30 interlayers, but manufacturers (such as Solutia) recommend no more than 4.

Nominal vs real thickness in WINDOW5 Glass Library

There is a minor but potentially confusing bug in WINDOW 5 as follows:

  • If "Use nominal glass thickness" is checked ("turned on") in the WINDOW5 File/Preferences
  • Import Glass layer from Optics5 User database
  • List view will at first (right after the import) display the True Thickness
  • If you leave the List view (either going to Detailed view or some other library) and then come back to Glass Library List view, the value will now be displayed as the Nominal Thickness.

Missing DuPont Interlayers

These interlayers were submitted as laminates (for IGDB 15.0) that cannot be de-constructed by Optics5 to produce interlayers, so they are not in the Optics5 list of interlayers.

Glazing Type ID Filename Product Name
Laminate 1100 15PVB6.DUP Butacite® NC010
Laminate 1101 30PVB6.DUP Butacite® NC010
Laminate 1102 60PVB6.DUP Butacite® NC010
Laminate 1107 60SGP6.DUP SentryGlas® Plus
Laminate 1109 30SGP6.DUP SentryGlas® Plus
Laminate 1113 90PVB6.DUP Butacite® NC010
Laminate 1114 100SGP6.DUP SentryGlas® Plus
Laminate 1115 90SGP6.DUP SentryGlas® Plus
Laminate 1116 SFTWHTE6.DUP Butacite®

DuPont is in the process of resubmitting their data to LBNL and the IGDB.

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