Using an XML BSDF File to Define a Complex System

Using an XML BSDF File to Define a Complex System

Last Updated: 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Software/Versions Affected:

  • WINDOW›7

It is now possible to create a BSDF XML file that can be used in WINDOW to model a complex system.


There are several full XML BSDF files that are installed with WINDOW 7. They are found in the XML file in the program user directory:


The format of these files can be obtained by viewing one of them in either an XML viewer or a text file viewer. You will see the elements and attributes of the file. Here is a link to, which contains 2011-SA1.xml, shown below, which represents a Woven Shade.

Create a Shading Layer to reference the XML BSDF file

The Shading Layer Library is where these XML BSDF files are referenced.

Make a new record in the Shading Layer Library, as follows:

  • Type: Set Type = Shade with XML data

  • Browse: Use the Browse button to browse to the BSDF XML file

  • Characteristics will automatically be created: If the XML BSDF file is properly created, the program can read it and fill out the feedback fields

Create a Glazing System

You can now create a glazing system using this shading layer. It must have at least one glass layer with it.

Related Files: 

2011-SA1.xml, which represents a Woven Shade