NFRC Procedures for Applied Films

Last Updated: 
Friday, August 10, 2018

Software/Versions Affected:

NFRC now has a procedure for adding applied films to substrates in Optics5 and importing those applied film constructions into WINDOW5 to be used in a whole product calculation.

The information presented below is provided to help simulators with this process. Feel free to contact us at with questions or comments.

NFRC Applied Film Procedure

  • Applied Film Procedures (approved by NFRC) (PDF)
  • Approved Applied Film List (IGDB 79.0) (PDF)

Help and Troubleshooting

Bug with Coated Substrates

In Optics 5 (version 5.1 Maintenance Pack 2) the program does not calculate the correct results for applied films on coated substrates -- it calculates the same result as the applied film on a non-coated substrate.


Uncoated substrate with Applied Film:

Layer #1 = CLEAR-3.LOF

Add Applied Film = Southwall VK75.swt  (V-Kool 75)

Coated substrate with Applied Film:

Layer #2 = LOW-E_3.LOF

Add Applied Film = Southwall VK75.swt (V-Kool 75).

All the Transmittance and Reflectance values are identical for both new layers, which is not correct.