This is the tool for manipulating optical layers and calculating spectral data for different stacks of optical elements. The program allows the user to combine both glazing layers, e.g. a double pane window, and optical elements, e.g. applied films, laminates, and substrates.


The Optics computer program is designed for work with optical data for glass and glazing layers. Integration with the International Glazing Database (IGDB) makes it easy to build stacks of multiple glass layers and calculate the resulting optical properties. The program works transmittance and reflectance as a function of wavelength. This allows for calculation of integrated values, such as visible transmittance, according to a range of standards.

For more information contact Optics5Help@lbl.gov.

Program Updates: 

The tool is not in active development as it is scheduled to get integrated with a future version of Berkeley Lab WINDOW. Version 6 is probably the last stand-alone version of Optics that will be released.

Program Features: 

Optics main features are:

  • creation of single glazing layers using component data of different substrates, applied films, and/or laminates to create variants of existing products
  • creation of glazing systems consisting of multiple layers and calculation of spectral values for the combines system
  • calculation of values integrated from the spectral data e.g. color indices, visible and solar properties, and emissivity
Program Capabilities: 

Optics can:

  • import text files with spectral data according to the IGDB formatting rules
  • deconstruct and reconstruct laminates and applied films on varying substrates
  • export constructed data in a user database format for use with Berkeley Lab WINDOW
Program Indices and Other Results: 

Values calculated in Optics include, but is not limited to

  • Solar and daylighting properties like Tvis, Tsol, Rvis, Rsol and thermal Emissivity
  • UV-protection and damage values like Tuv, SPF, TDW
  • Color coordinates like Lab, Luv, Tristimulus, hunter function and EN410 color rendering index (CRI)