Yuan Gao

Yuan Gao

Materials Research Scientist/Engineer


Dr. Yuan Gao is a Research Scientist in the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research interests include building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) windows, smart windows, perovskite solar cells, optical and electrical modeling and simulation of solar cells, building energy, intelligent lighting control, agrivoltaics, etc. He is currently involved in developing toolkits to evaluate the energy and economic performance of BIPV windows under different building and climatic conditions.

Prior to that he was working as a research assistant/visiting researcher at Nanjing University and focusing on developing semi-transparent perovskite solar cells for BIPV windows. He also contributed to modeling, optimizing, and fabricating perovskite/perovskite tandem solar cells, which held certificated world-record efficiencies.

Dr. Gao received his Ph.D. in Electrical Sustainable Energy from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. In his Ph.D. project, Yuan developed two types of multi-functional photovoltaic windows, opaque PV shading elements and semi-transparent PV glazing window combined with a polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) film. He received his M. Sc. in Photoelectric System and Control Technology and B.E. in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Fudan University in Shanghai, China.