Howdy Goudey

Howdy Goudey

Senior Scientific Engineer Associate


Howdy Goudey began working in the Windows and Daylighting group at LBNL in 1993. At the time he was a student at University of California, Berkeley, where he completed a BS degree in Engineering Physics in 1997. He has over twenty-five years of experience at LBNL with hands-on laboratory design and measurement with an emphasis on thermal systems, the building envelope (particularly windows), heat transfer and solar energy systems. With a strong dedication to energy efficiency and renewable energy engineering, test and measurement, Howdy has developed expertise with quantitative infrared thermography techniques in laboratory and field environments, including management and operation of thermal environmental chambers (IRlab) and a thermal calorimetry facility using outdoor weather conditions (MoWiTT). The Berkeley Lab environment has provided the opportunity to contribute to numerous diverse research efforts, both within and outside his focus on solar/thermal aspects of the building envelope, including: electronic and mechanical design and fabrication, experimental data acquisition and motion control hardware, and advanced prototype development of new technologies. Howdy was part of a team that received an R&D100 award in 2001 for contributions to Gas Filled Panel (GFP) high performance thermal insulation development.


Engineering Physics, BS, UC Berkeley, 1997


Spot: Howdy Goudey -  May 17th 2021

Keeping development and deployment of hardware for the ARPA-E Passive Radiative Cooling Film project on schedule during multiple weekend power outages at the Lab.

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Spot: Rich Brown, Howdy Goudey, Paul Mathew, Iain Walker and Teresa Williams -  September 11th 2017

Participation as a Lab Mentor for the first-ever Berkeley Lab Energy Design Challenge.