Environmental Conditions — Kimura convection model not working

Environmental Conditions — Kimura convection model not working

Last Updated: 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

  • WINDOW›6

In the Environmental Conditions Library Convection section, one of the "Model" options is "Kimura". This model calculates the Convection Coefficient based on "Inside Air Velocity" and "Air Direction". The program correctly calculates the convection coefficient based on this model, but when that Environmental Condition is then used in the Glazing System Library, the program uses a convection coefficient based on an air velocity of 0. A work around for this bug is to calculate the convection coefficient using the Kimura model, and then input that coefficient into the Fixed Convection Coefficient model, which does work properly. 

Documentation for the Kimura model can be found in the following references:

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