EN 673 / 10077 — Using Berkeley Lab WINDOW and THERM for EN 673 calculations

EN 673 / 10077 — Using Berkeley Lab WINDOW and THERM for EN 673 calculations

Last Updated: 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Software/Versions Affected:

  • WINDOW›6
  • WINDOW›7

If you are interested in using WINDOW and THERM for EN 673 / ISO 10077 calculations, we have added that option to WINDOW 7. The calculation is not fully automated in the program yet, so there are many steps and a spreadsheet for the final calculation. We are interested in feedback (email WINDOWHelp@lbl.gov) about the process and the results from anyone who tests this feature.

CAUTION: Do not model shading systems with the EN 673 thermal model. The program will produce results but they will most likely not be correct.

Download this zip file (EN673.zip) which contains the following:

  • Description of how to use WINDOW and THERM for the EN 673 / ISO 10077 calculations
    (EN673+ISO 10077_Using THERM+WINDOW-LBNL_rev4.pdf)
  • Spreadsheet for using WINDOW and THERM results to calculate final EN 673 / ISO 10077 results
  • WINDOW 7 database with EN 673 / ISO 10077 definitions for Gasses — the gas coefficients were updated 11/2/2012
    (W7_0_76_EN673Gases.mdb — most records except for the gasses have been deleted, so it is quite small)
  • Sample THERM 6 files with CEN Boundary Conditions and Frame Cavities (if you are using a later version of THERM, open these files and save them in the new version before calculating)
    (sample-sill-CEN.THM and sample-sill-Calibration-CEN.THM)

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