Windows & Daylighting

We support the mission of the Department of Energy to increase the energy efficiency of windows and buildings. We accomplish this using advanced technology development, algorithms and software tools, supported by an extensive array of testing facilities and experienced scientists.​

Featured Research
Pushing Energy-Saving Windows to Market

The decades of windows research at Berkeley Lab sponsored by the Department of Energy’s Buildings Technologies Office and the California Energy Commission has led to low-emissivity (or low-E) coatings now found in more than 80% of windows sold, and even more efficient products such as thin-triple glazing which has just been brought to market by multiple major U.S. manufacturers. 

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High-Performance Windows Benefit Low-Income California Communities

A grant of nearly $2 million was awarded to install energy-saving, thin-glass triple-pane windows in low-income communities in California.

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Dynamic Facades with Smart Controls: The Future of Building Control

Smart windows that track the position of the sun and automatically dim to block out glare and heat sound futuristic, but many architects and engineers are already starting to integrate them into the design of new homes and commercial buildings. 

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