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Version 7.6.01
Released: November 17, 2017

Release Notes:

This version is NOT compatible with WINDOW 7.4 or 7.5. It is to be used with the latest version of WINDOW 7.6 

If you try to import THERM 7.6 files into versions of WINDOW pre-7.6, WINDOW may crash; in this case upgrade to the latest version of WINDOW 7.6 

We now have an online forum where you can ask questions and respond to questions by others.


Glazing Options now works with shading systems

Previous versions of THERM did not apply the Shading Modifier in the Boundary Conditions for the files made from the Glazing Options feature. The program will now apply the Boundary Condition Shading Modifier to the Glazing System, but the user still needs to check each generated THERM file in order to apply the Shading Modifier to the appropriate frame components. 

THERM has a gray background when Radiance Mode = ON

THERM now has a gray background when the Radiance Mode (in Options/Preferences) is set to ON, so that it is possible to detect that setting, which generally is not used in most THERM simulations. 

Bug Fixes

Emissivity Changes in Boundary Conditions are now saved

In the previous version of THERM, when the Emissivity of a Boundary Condition segment was changed, the program would not save that change. That has been fixed.


Version 7.4.4
Released: December 19, 2016

Release Notes:

THERM 7.4.4

Fixed Bugs

Polygon below between glass blind has 0 conductivity

When importing a glazing system with a Venetian blind between two glass layers from WINDOW 7.4.8 into THERM 7.4.3, the polygon created from a non-zero "Sight line to shade edge" value had a conductivity = 0. This has been fixed. However, you must recalculate the glazing system in WINDOW before importing it into THERM.

Nominal glass rules in THERM should not be applied to shade layers

In previous versions of THERM 7.4, the nominal glass rules were applied to shading systems in THERM. This has now been fixed.

This version of THERM 7.4 is compatible with WINDOW version 7.4.14

We now have an online forum where you can ask questions and respond to questions by others.