WINDOW 5.2.17 DOE2 DAT Files

Last Updated: 
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

WINDOW 5.2.17 does not produce DOE2 DAT files with the correct interior film coefficients. If you are using the feature of RESFEN which references a DOE2 DAT file, make sure it has been generated with the latest version of WINDOW 5.2 (WINDOW 5.2.17a) that fixes this problem. The current installation downloadable on the web, dated 9/20/2005, fixes this problem with a corrected file. If you have a previous installation of RESFEN5, download the zip file, which contains a corrected RESFEN5Windows.dat file which was generated with WINDOW 5.2.17a and which can be used with the default values in the RESFEN 5.0 Window Library. After downloading this file onto your computer, unzip the file into the C:\Program Files\LBNL\RESFEN5 directory (assuming you installed RESFEN5 in the default directory) — you can overwrite the old file of the same name. The date of the corrected RESFEN5Windows.dat file is 8/10/2005.