Tools | Options Freezes When the IGDB Is Not Found in the Expected Location

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

The menu item Tools | Options freezes when the IGDB (which is a file called "Glazing.mdb") is not found on the expected location, which by default is located in "C:\Program Files\LBNL\LBNL Shared". This will happen if you move "Glazing.mdb" to another directory or rename it. You have two options to fix this problem:

Move "Glazing.mdb" to the "LBNL Shared" folder (or name it back to "Glazing.mdb" if you renamed it)


Edit the line called "IGDBlocation" in the "UserOptions.txt" file (using a text editor such as Notepad) to specify a new path or new name for "Glazing.mdb". "UserOptions.txt" can be found in the "Optics5" directory. The format of the "IGDBlocation" line is shown below, with the default directory path for "Glazing.mdb". Change this path to reflect the correct location and name of the file you are using.

IGDBlocation(C:\Program Files\LBNL\LBNL Shared\Glazing.mdb)