Input Error in Conrad or "Trouble with Intermediate Files"

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

If you are getting the error message "Input data error in ConRad" or "Trouble with intermediate simulation files", you may want to use an updated conrad.dll file:

  • Only use with THERM 6.3.19 or higher version
  • Download and unzip it into the directory described below (based on operating system)
  • This file replaces the previous version of Conrad.dll — you can overwrite the old file, or, you might want to just rename the old one and then copy this new file into the same directory.
  • Where you will put it depends a bit on your operating system:
    • XP: Program Files\LBNL\THERM6
    • Windows 7 / Vista: Program Files (x86)\LBNL\THERM6