Glass Library

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

"#" Disappears

Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5.1 and the International Glazing Database version 12.4 have a new "checksum" feature for the spectral data. This checksum will determine whether a set of spectral data is valid. If it is, the "#" will be displayed, and if it is not, the "#" will not be displayed. An older Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5.1 Glass Library that is loaded into the current version of Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5.1 will not have the checksum values on the spectral data files, and therefore the "#" will disappear. To fix this, reimport the glass record from the latest IGDB or the W5.mdb default database that came with the official program installation.

Glass Library List Displays 0s and 1s

Sometimes the values in the Glass Library will display as 0s and 1s rather than the appropriate values. Opening another library and then coming back to the Glass Library will sometimes fix this.

Importing Records from Optics5 UserGlazing.mdb File

When creating a record in the Optics5 user database (which is the UserGlazing.mdb file by default), make sure to make the NFRC ID non-zero, ideally a number greater than 9999 and less then 32000 so that existing records in the Glass Library will not be overwritten.

NFRC ID Correction on 10/14/2002

On 10/14/2002, the Optics IGDB and the Berkeley Lab WINDOW Glass Library database were corrected because four Guardian records had the incorrect NFRC ID. The following table lists the correct NFRC ID and the filename for these four glass layers.

Correct NFRC ID Filename
3134 SG52C6.GRD
3135 SG52G6.GRD
3138 SGSR20C6.GRD
3139 SGSR20G6.GRD

If your Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 Glass Library does NOT have these ID and filename combinations, you need to update your glass library. The best way to update your glass library is to download a "clean" version of the W5.MDB database (this file has IGDB 14.2):  (10 Mb Zip file)

If you unzip this file in the Berkeley Lab WINDOW program directory (c:\Program Files\LBNL\WINDOW5), it will overwrite the existing W5.MDB. If you have modified your W5.MDB file and do not want it overwritten, you can unzip the corrected W5.MDB file into another directory, and import the four Guardian glass records from the corrected database into your database.

Message on Import: Can't find dominant wavelength for purewhite

This message will appear when importing the ONE.DAT file from the IGDB (International Glazing Database) into the Berkeley Lab WINDOW5 Glass Library. It is information only, and does not mean there is a problem with the record or the database. So basically, click OK and ignore it.

Message Updating the Glass Library with IGDB Release: Item not found in this collection

If you have opened a Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 database with Berkeley Lab WINDOW 6, then open it again in Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5, and try to import records from the IGDB in Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5, you will get the following message:

There is not anything that can be done about this problem, so you will need to get a clean Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 database. (Before downloading the new database, rename the old corrupted one, and you might be able to import records from it into the new database)