Exporting Sections or Parts of a File (AutoCAD 2000)

Software/Versions Affected:

To prepare an AutoCAD dxf section for use in Therm, follow the steps below. Note that you may want to use only part of the drawing. You can save each section in a separate file or save the entire vertical or horizontal section in a single file.

  • Select and copy the section you want to save as a dxf file.
  • Create a new page (click on the "new" button and press return).
  • Delete any hatching, dimension lines, screws, hardware or other unnecessary parts.
  • At this point, if the section needs to be rotated or flipped, use the AutoCAD features to do this.
  • Select the section you want to export to a dxf and completely explode it (several times if necessary). When it's completely exploded, you'll typically see the cursor change to a small square.
  • Select File – "Save As."
  • Under "Tools" and "Options" on the "Save drawing as" dialog box, select the "Dxf Options" tab.
  • Check the "Select Objects" box (from previous step).
  • Under the "Options" button, check the box for "Selected Objects" & click OK.
  • Choose the file type as "AutoCAD R12/LT2 DXF."
  • Name the file and click OK.
  • You'll be returned to the drawing in a "selection mode" where you will select the section to be exported.
  • Select the section and press "Enter."
  • You are now ready to import the file into Therm.

Note that parts in a drawing may not be able to be completely exploded and may not appear in Therm. You may have to go back to the originator of the file and ask them to make sure that the parts are able to be exploded.