Exporting Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 Spectral Data Text Files from Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5

Last Updated: 
Friday, September 1, 2017

Software/Versions Affected:

  • Go to the Glass Library List View
  • Select the records to export from Berkeley Lab WINDOW5 to Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 spectral data file format
  • Click on the Export button
  • Select the radio button "Selected Records"
  • Set Format to "Window 4"
  • Click on the OK button
  • The files will be saved into the directory where the Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 database is located. The name of the files will be the same as the "Name" field in the Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 Glass Library.
  • Copy (using Microsoft Windows Explorer or other method) those files into the Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 W4Lib\SpecDat directory (or whatever directory structure set up by the user for Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1).
  • Some of the newer glass library file names are not in the old Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 "8 character name, 3 character extension" format, and so will need to be renamed (in Microsoft Windows Explorer or other method) before being added to the Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 Glass Library
  • In Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1, go to the Glass Library
  • Do Add, New, then type the ID number to use (keep it the same as that in Berkeley Lab WINDOW5 for consistency)
  • Type the name of the file, exactly the same as the name of the file moved into the SpecDat directory, press the Enter key (don't enter any of the values for the glass layer).
  • Press Esc to get out of Edit mode
  • Add more as necessary
  • When you have finished adding all the desired records and are no longer in Edit mode, do Update, type the record numbers to update, and Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4.1 will look for the filenames specified, and update the values based on the files it finds in the SpecDat directory, including the # if it was assigned in the Berkeley Lab WINDOW 5 database.