DOE-2 Input File Notes

Last Updated: 
Friday, April 29, 2016

Software/Versions Affected:


The DOE-2 file that Berkeley Lab WINDOW generates is always in SI units, and can be incorporated in SI units into a complete DOE-2 input file even if that file is in IP units. All the GLASS-TYPE-CODE (both BDL glass library and Berkeley Lab WINDOW 4/5/6 export data) keywords in DOE-2 are assumed to be in SI units regardless of whether the BDL input units are set to English vs. Metric.

Overall and Center-of-Glass U-values Identical

In the "Overall and Center of Glass Ig U-values" section of the DOE-2 file generated by Berkeley Lab WINDOW, the Overall and Center-of-Glass values are both identical, and are both the Center-of-Glass values. The report does not contain the Overall U-value of the product. DOE2 does not need that value, as it calculates it's own U-value for every time step, so this bug does not produce inaccurate results in DOE-2.