Boundary Condition Library — Walls, Floors, Ceilings

Software/Versions Affected:

LBNL has made a Boundary Condition Library with entries for horizontal and vertical interior and exterior surfaces, such as walls, floors and ceilings, that can be used for modeling cross-sections other than fenestration systems. The Boundary Conditions are based on the ASHRAE 2009 Handbook of Fundamentals, Chapter 26, Table 1. Surface Conductances and Resistances for Air. Download the zip file called, and unzip it into the THERM "lib" directory (where this is depends on your operating system, see Window7 / Vista Issues), and then in THERM, from the Boundary Condition Library (accessed from Libraries/Boundary Conditions" click on the Load Lib button to load it into the program and use it.

Screenshot of the THERM6 directory with the lib folder and the BC-Arch.lib file highlighted.