THERM 7.8 / WINDOW 7.8

THERM 7.8 / WINDOW 7.8

WINDOW 7.8 and THERM 7.8

WINDOW 7.8 and THERM 7.8 are the latest versions of our tools that are available for testing. These versions contain many bug fixes found in WINDOW 7.7 and THERM 7.7.


These versions of WINDOW and THERM can be installed "side by side" with previous versions, including 7.7

It is also necessary to install two redistributable libraries, one for Intel Fortrain and one for Microsoft Visual C++ if you have not already done so in previous versions.

See this page for directions to install these libraries:

If you want to uninstall previous versions of 7.8, be aware of the following:

  • Uninstall the programs through the Windows Control Panel
    • This will delete the program files from
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\LBNL
    • It will NOT delete the working directory for each program which is found here (you can delete this directory by hand, or rename it to keep the files that are in it)
      • C:\Users\Public\LBNL
    • It will NOT delete the <program file>.INI file, found here (you can delete this by hand or rename it if desired; the programs always generate a "starter" INI file if it doesn't exist)
      • C:\Users\Public\LBNL\Settings
    • It will NOT remove the listing from the Windows Registry, but this should not be a problem. We do NOT recommend that you edit your registry unless you are an expert in doing that.



WINDOW 7.8 Installation Files

Link to download WINDOW 7.8 installation files:

  • WINDOW 7.8.14 Setup Full (Window7_8_14_SetupFull.exe)

    • ​Complete installation if you have never installed WINDOW before

  • WINDOW 7.8.14 Setup Small (Window7_8_14_SetupSmall.exe)

    • ​Smaller installation if you have installed previous versions of WINDOW

Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking Cancel during matrix calculation (for AERCalc IDF) in Window Library crashes program - FIXED
  • Awnings: Several fixes to awnings feature
  • Glass Library: Import Glass Layer from Optics - overwriting protected record keeps user defined record as protected - FIXED
  • Gas Library: Adding first entry to gas mixture loses the record name - FIXED
  • Environmental Conditions: Making new env conditions record results in error message - FIXED
  • Matrices not being written to BSDF XML file for some glazing systems - FIXED
  • Initialization problem when running glazing system deflection models from the List view - FIXED

New Features

  • Allow Shading Layer (in particular Frit) to be modeled alone in a glazing system




THERM 7.8 Installation File

Link to download the THERM 7.8 installation files:


Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Glazing Options: Files were being created, but not simulated - FIXED
  • Calc Manager: This feature was not working - FIXED
  • THERM intermediate file outputs: The THERM outputs of *.o and *ci.o were not being generated for glazing options and Calc Manager - FIXED
  • Glazing Option: selecting just one option didn't work - FIXED
  • NFRC CMA button in Glazing System Import -- resulted in overlapping materials message - FIXED
  • Overlapping polygons: Program allows overlapping polygons even when preferences set to not allow them - FIXED
  • Multiple creation of Boundary Conditions results in wrong U-factor tags - FIXED
  • Boundary Conditions from base file are not maintained in Glazing Options Files - FIXED
  • Nodal results and mesh information is now saved to the THMX file (for new NFRC Condensation Resistance calculation)

Outstanding Issues

  • U-factor tags:
    • This document discusses the issues with U-factor tags not being passed along to the Glazing Options THERM files when points have been deleted from a glass layer.
    • There are still some issues with U-factor tags even when you are not editing the glazing system, which we are still investigating

New Features

  • Multiple glazing options calculation now displays a "status" box showing the files being simulated.