Success Stories

Through collaboration and scientific advancement, the Windows Group has made significant strides in enabling the development of energy-efficient window technologies.



Success Stories

Cover of Radiance Success Story Summary
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About Radiance Lighting Simulation

Radiance began in the 1980s as a research project at Berkeley Lab and has evolved into a powerful calculation engine that most major design tools rely on. Download the summary.










Low-e Windows Success StoryRead Our Latest Summary
About Low-e Windows

Every year, Americans reduce energy bills by billions thanks to a low-emissivity (low-e) window coating that Berkeley Lab developed with industry. Download the summary.










Software Tools Success StoryRead Our Latest Summary
About Software Tools for Windows

For more than 30 years, the window software tools supported by the Department of Energy and developed by Berkeley Lab have been critical to the development and application of new energy-efficient windows. Download the summary.








Electrochromic Windows Success StoryRead Our Latest Summary
About Electrochromic Window Technology

Decades of research and innovation by the Department of Energy's Berkeley Lab and National Renewable Energy Laboratory have made dynamically tinting "smart windows" a global reality. Download it now.