Specular Glazing Systems

NFRC THERM 6.3 / WINDOW 6.3 Simulation Manual
July 2013:

bullet Entire Manual in PDF Format
approximate 8 MB

Comparison of WINDOW 5 / THERM 5 and WINDOW 6 / THERM 6 Results for Specular Glazing Systems (PDF Format)

NFRC WINDOW 6 / THERM 6 Training for Specular Systems
(Power Point Presentation, Oct/Nov 2010)


Complex Glazing Systems

bullet WINDOW 6.2 / THERM 6.2 Research Version User Manual
(Documents features in WINDOW6 and THERM 6 for modeling complex glazing systems)
bullet WINDOW 6.2 / THERM 6.2 Simulation Manual Chapter for Complex Glazing (Draft)
This was used for NFRC Simulator training in June 2009, and includes detailed descriptions for modeling venetian blinds between glass and frits.
bullet Complex Glazing Summary -- PDF File
Presented at the Spring 2008 NFRC Meeting, Nashville, TN

Technical Documentation


bullet WINDOW 5.2 Documentation

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