WINDOW 6 Validation Status -- DRAFT IN PROGRESS

Updated: 01/11/08





Existing Validation

Validation Needed

Matrix Multiplication

Joe Klems ASHRAE paper #1  

Joe Klems ASHRAE Paper #2

Joe Klems ASHRAE Paper #3

A New Method for Predicting the Solar Heat Gain of Complex Fenestration Systems


New presentation

A Comparison Between Calculated and Measured SHGC for Complex Fenestration Systems (Klems, Warner, Kelley)





Angular data comparison from W6 venetian blind with and without a glazing system

DONE -- Raytrace of Venetian blind with 2 glass layers compared to W6 results




Mike white paper

Comparison between ray-tracing simulations and bi-directional transmission measurements on prismatic glazing


Venetian Blind Slat Model – ISO

ISO 15099

DCC’s venetian DLL documentation

Comparison to WIS. Add reference to DCC validation document





Dick Van Dijk papers


Venetian Blind Slat Model –LBNL extension


DCC’s venetian DLL

Notes: Joe Kelms improvements to the ISO model

Optical Results Comparison between RayTracing and WINDOW6

Spectral angular measurements of slats, to be used as input for raytracing of Venetian blind system

Woven Shades


Simplified Models of the Angular Dependence of the Transmission of Woven or Perforated Screens

Ross McCluney’s paper for E+






Existing Validation

Validation Needed

Integral Venetian Blind  – ISO

ISO 15099

TARCOG and VENETIAN verification results rev17_clean

Validation of Venetian Blind Thermal Model

Whole product + solar calorimeter measurements




DCC/Formichov limited CFD of Venetian blinds

CFD modeling  of whole system

Interior/Exterior Venetian Blind  – ISO

ISO 15099

DCC’s tarcog documentation


Whole product + solar calorimeter measurements




Canadian Paper, not published yet

CFD modeling  of whole system, including room or exterior flow











Woven shades and planar shading layers



DCC’s ASHRAE paper

CFD of planar shading layers






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