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NFRC THERM 6.3 / WINDOW 6.3 Simulation Manual

Technical Documentation


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The THERM Notes section contains information that is not yet in a User Manual.

Simulation Speed:
bullet See how fast THERM runs on various processors

Sample Files:

These sample files are from the NFRC THERM 5.2 / WINDOW 5.2 Simulation Manual. There may be a few slight difference between the files and those shown in the manual (for example the spacer in the aluminum slider example). When running them in THERM 7, make sure to regenerate boundary conditions, and when using them in WINDOW 7, make sure to recalculate all the results.
bullet Aluminum Slider Example Files 
(zip file)

THERM 2 User's Manual:
The THERM 7 User's Manual has not been completed yet, so in the meantime, the following documents will cover most of the features of the program.
bullet Entire Manual in PDF Format 
approx. 2.1 MB
bullet By Chapters, in separate PDF files:
bullet Cover, Contents, Chapter 1 (52 kB)
bullet Chapter 2: Installation (90 kB)
bullet Chapter 3: Quick Start (223 kB)
bullet Chapter 4: Getting Started (73 kB)
bullet Chapter 5: Drawing Cross Section Geometry (664 kB)
bullet Chapter 6: Defining Boundary Conditions (302 kB)
bullet Chapter 7: Calculating Results (283 kB)
bullet Chapter 8: Tutorial (375 kB)
bullet Chapter 9-10: References & Acknowledgements (21 kB)
bullet Appendix A: Glossary of Terms (57 kB)
bullet Appendix B: Error Messages (42 kB)
bullet Appendix C: Theoretical Background (57 kB)
bullet Index (20 kB)

Other Useful Information:

bullet THERM 2.1 (including 2.1a) New Features Documentation
bullet THERM Drawing Tips
(This is Chapter 10 from an older THERM manual, which has some valuable drawing information that is not yet in any other manual. It references files in a CD that are unfortunately no longer available)
bullet Teaching Students About Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer Effects in Buildings, Building Components, Equipment, and Appliances Using THERM 2.0
Published in ASHRAE Transactions 1999, Vol 105, Part 1.

Updated: 08/30/13