5.0.05 -- January 1, 2013)

Last Updated: 01/01/2013

Screen Shots

Opening Screen, Overview Tab

Climate Tab

Facade Edit Screen

The Facade Library screen allows the user to define a facade with windows, and overhangs and fins for each window. COMFEN displays the geometry of each window that is defined as well as the position in the facade. Each window can be defined with a different glazing system and frame combination if desired. Multiple facades can be defined on this screen, and then compared in the Project screen, described below.

Glazed Wall Assembly Definition

Glazing System Library

The Glazing System Library allows the user to make new glazing systems or import them from a WINDOW 6 database.

Shading Control Scheme Library

The Shading Control Scheme Library screen allows the user to define interior, exterior and between glass shading systems for
Venetian Blinds, Shades/Drapes, and Exterior Screens

Material Library

Wall Library

Spandrel Library

Monthly Results

Facade Heat Gain Results

Daylighting Results

Radiance Results

Tabular Results


Last Updated: 01/01/2013