Complex Glazing Database (CGDB)

A repository for non-specular fenestration products such as shade screens, Venetians blinds, and cellular shades.

Complex Glazing Database (CGDB)

The CGDB is a new optical properties database for optically scattering (complex) systems, such as shading devices and materials (e.g., venetian blinds, roller shades, drapes, cellular shades, shade fabrics, etc.), light redirecting materials (e.g., prismatic films, etc.) and scattering glazing (e.g., diffuse glass, glazing frits, decorative glass, etc.). This database is similar in nature to its more well-known counterpart for specular glazing, the IGDB.

Currently there are not approved procedure to measure large number of different categories of shading materials and/or devices. These procedure and measuring criteria are currently being developed at LBNL. After the publication of measurement procedure, an inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) will be conducted as soon as there are several laboratories that will participate in the ILC. The ILC is expected to be completed, and a full report published, within a year of its commencement. Upon completion of a successful ILC, with at least 1 commercial laboratory showing competence, commercial measurement of scattering systems will be approved.

In the mean time, all measurements for CGDB will be done by LBNL. If you have a product that you would like to be measured and/or included in the CGDB, please contact us via email at

The LBNL WINDOW and THERM simulation programs (versions 6 and higher) have the capability to model "complex glazing systems" which include woven shades, venetian blinds, fritted glass, and other systems that can be characterized by BSDF (Bi-Directional Scattering Distribution Function) files.

To support the modeling of these complex systems, it is necessary to characterize the optical and thermal properties of the materials and the systems being modeled.