Software Release COMFEN 5.0.28

Release Date: 
Saturday, September 29, 2018
Release Notes: 

COMFEN Installation File Download Links:

Adobe AIR Installation:

  • Download and install Adobe Air from the Adobe website (it is free) if you have not installed COMFEN before on your computer.

New Features


Radiance Renderings for Electrochromic Glazing Systems

COMFEN can now generate a Radiance rendering of the Light and Dark state of a glazing system with an electrochromic glass layer. You can select which state you want the rendering to be generated for.

Program Changes


Frame Library: Added Emissivity

There is now an input for Frame emissivity, which defaults to 0.9.

Radiance Renderings Now Saved

In previous versions of the program, the Radiance renderings were not saved between program sessions, or even between opening projects in the same session. COMFEN now saves the Radiance images so that you don't have to regenerate them if you close the program or open a new project.

The results are saved in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LBNL\COMFEN5\results\radiance\images_temp

List of Projects

The list of projects that appears in various situations (such as Project / Open Project), now shows the Location and the Building Type.

Fixed Bugs

If you find bugs, or if you think these have not been fixed, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] to report your findings. Getting feedback from users is how we improve the program.

Importing Project Using CSV files

In the previous version of COMFEN, when using a CSV file to import a set of project scenarios, the program would set the first scenario ID to 0, which would cause COMFEN to give an error message at the end of the simulation for that first record. This has been fixed in this version.

Frame Library: Default Frame Absorptance = 0.5

In previous versions, COMFEN defaulted the Frame Absorptance to 0.9, which is quite high. Now the program default is 0.5, and when the program opens old databases, this value will be migrated to 0.5. You can always change the value in the Frame Library if you determine that your frame should be defined with a different value. The program will put up a message when older databases are migrated, saying that the Absorptance will be changed.

Glazing System Library List: Too Many Decimal Points (!)

There were way too many decimal points displaying in the Glazing Library List view. This has been fixed.