Windows for Accepting or Rejecting Solar Heat Gain: Final Report

TitleWindows for Accepting or Rejecting Solar Heat Gain: Final Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsJohn F Peck, T. Lewis Thompson, Helen J Kessler
Date Published09/1982
Accession NumberDE83007584
Keywordscontrol, Curtains, design, ERDA/140901, ERDA/299001, Heat gain, performance, shading, Sun shades, testing, windows

Ordinary fenestration may be modified at low cost using various combinations of windows, duotone venetian blinds, and drapes to control the solar heat gain. In the winter, solar radiation may be absorbed by dark blinds and transferred to the air, minimizing fading of furnishings while collecting useful energy. In the summer, morethan 90 percent of the total potential window heat gain may be rejected by exhausting evaporatively cooled air over the blinds. The performance of several window configurations has been theoretically analyzed, modeled on a computer, and verified experimentally.

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