High Quality GaN Grown by Reactive Sputtering

TitleHigh Quality GaN Grown by Reactive Sputtering
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsJennifer T Ross, Michael D Rubin
JournalMater. Lett
Call NumberLBL-31726

Gallium nitride films were grown by reactive rf magnetron sputtering on sapphire substrates. Crystalline (1120) GaN films were obtained on (0112) sapphire at substratestemperatures between 640-680 °C. High N2 partial pressures are required to crystalize the GaN films. Nitrogen incorporation and crystal quality of GaN films are examined as a function of substrate temperature and nitrogen partial pressure. Band gaps of 3.4 eV, and photoluminescence peaks as narrow as 11 meV are reported for sputtered GaN films.

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