Efficient Daylighting in Thermally Controlled Environments

TitleEfficient Daylighting in Thermally Controlled Environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsEliyahu Neeman, Stephen E Selkowitz
Conference NameInternational Passive and Hybrid Cooling Conference
Call NumberLBL-13399

This paper reviews many of the design considerations required to enable a design team to utilize daylight to the maximum possible extent in order to reduce electric lighting loads and associated building energy-consumption. Among steps that must be taken is a thorough analysis of all heating and cooling loads inside the building and the heat exchange through the building envelope. Data on local climate and sunshine availability must also be considered.Although the energy aspects have recently dominated our design considerations, daylights influence on human well-being is gaining importance. In this respect, the variability of daylight, the quality of its spectral composition, the view out, and health effects are among the aspects that should be considered when determining an appropriate role for daylighting in energy efficient buildings.

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