Low-Emittance and Solar-Control Glazing

Low-emittance coatings have a high reflectance in the thermal infrared suppressing infrared radiation transfer thereby imparting additional thermal insulation. In the last 20 years low-emittance coatings have moved from a laboratory phenomenon to a mainstream building product. Substantial savings in energy have already resulted. A significant degree of solar control can also be built into these coatings through reflectance across the solar spectrum or in the solar infrared alone.

Our research fall into 3 areas:

  • new materials,
  • production processes, and
  • characterization.

There are a number of materials that have intrinsic selectivity. We have been able to produce several of these materials, but in order to impart the desired properties they must be deposited in crystalline form. Ordinarily this would require the use of  temperatures higher than practical for window glass. In many cases plasma energy can be substituted for thermal energy. Plasma sources developed at LBNL are suitable for this task.

For more information about low-e coatings and plasma processing contact Andre Anders.

(last update 1/15/2003)