Including Venetian Blinds

Including Venetian Blinds

We include data for Venetian blinds in the CGDB.

Requirements for the slat to work with the Venetian blind model are:

  1. The slat material is opaque. The perforation used to suspend the blinds can be ignored.
  2. Both front and back surface are diffuse, e.g. painted. Unfinished aluminum is typically too "mirror-like" to work with the model.
  3. The geometry has no more than a single curve (flat is fine, but no "S" or "W" like shapes). Experiment with the WINDOW 7 shade layer interface for Venetian blinds to see what geometries are possible.
  4. The slats are thin compared to the gap between the slats. Typical geometries are less than 1 mm thickness to a 15 mm gap between slats and that is fine.

If your product meets those requirements it can be included in the CGDB as a shade material and shade layer.

Sample specifications for samples to send to LBNL:

  1. Ideally flat 3"x3" samples of the used material and color should be submitted but at least larger than 1" on the shortest size.
  2. Product geometry including slat width, spacing, tilt, blind thickness, and curvature (specified as rise in mm)

If you can provide the material and it meets the requirements, please contact for a quote, lead time, and shipping address of your samples.