IGDB Data Format

IGDB Data Format

File Format Definition and Examples

File Format Specification

A complete and detailed specification of the general file format for IGDB data files can be found in this PDF document. Please note that some of the links in this document to other files have been superceded. Only the text of the document itself is current. For convenience the following files can be used as templates for specifc material types:

Monolithic Glazing

Coated Glazings

Applied Films

Note: It is common for an applied film to have a coating, and this can be submitted applied to uncoated glass as an applied film that can be deconstructed in Optics5. Applied films that are applied to the coated side of a substrate can only be submitted as a whole product, not as a film that can be deconstructed in Optics5.



The following 2 files belong together as the example for submitting interlayer data

Coatings Embedded in Laminate

For laminates with embedded coatings (defined as glass with a coating that is touching the interlayer), we will accept measured data for products submitted as a whole product, but not for products that can be "deconstructed" by Optics to reuse individual components with other glass layers or interlayers.

Special Options

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