Field test equipment

Field test equipment

Hand-held devices that can be used to inspect glass and windows in the field.

Visible and solar transmittance meter

LS182 solar transmittance meterThe LS182 solar transmittance meter promises a bit more than it delivers, but can still be used to provide useful data. Four parallel  detectors measure the transmittance of the sample in 4 different wavelength bands. Comparison with full spectrum measurement of three specular sample is presented in a pdf file in the attachment section of this web page.

The large gap between sensor and detector allow for measurement of IGUs as well as single layers.

Experiments with a light-scattering sample indicated that the detector was not able to capture enough of the light to be trustworthy.

Measurement of specular visible transmittance had good agreement, and the agreement on SHGC was fairly sample dependent, with no clear trend.

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