Honeywell Forms Alliance with SAGE Electrochromics to Turn Windows Into Comfort-Enhancing and Energy-Saving Appliances

 February 8, 2001 

Honeywell [NYSE: HON], the global home and building controls leader, today announced an alliance with SAGE Electrochromics, Inc., the leading developer of electrochromic (electronically tintable) window technology. Under the agreement, the companies will develop and introduce user-controllable window glass that will transform windows into comfort-enhancing and energy-saving appliances. They expect to produce windows for test markets later this year.

"Picture a window as an appliance, one that makes you dramatically more comfortable, saves you energy and always lets you enjoy the view. That’s the vision Honeywell and SAGE share," said Jay Schrankler, Vice President of Honeywell Home Comfort and Systems.

Added SAGE founder and President John Van Dine, "This alliance uniquely combines the technical breakthroughs of SAGE's electronic window glass with Honeywell's recognized leadership in building control technologies. This combination of capabilities and shared vision has the potential to revolutionize the window industry."

Today’s windows, even the high-performance models, can subject occupants to harsh glare and thermal discomfort, fade fabrics and furnishings, and increase a building’s heating and cooling energy costs. To counter these effects, people typically pull shades or blinds, eliminating the view.

Those problems are solved with the combination of SAGE’s SageGlass® electrochromic window glass and Honeywell control technology. The window appliance allows occupants to electronically vary the level of tint in the window—from clear to very dark and everywhere in between. By controlling the level of light and solar heat entering the room, the window appliance blocks glare and helps keep indoor temperatures consistent, all without blocking the view.

"This may be one of the biggest innovations in the building industry in decades," said Mike Myser, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SAGE. More than 300 million windows, skylights and patio doors are sold annually for use in homes and buildings, noted Myser. "The majority could benefit from the unique features of SageGlass® combined with Honeywell controls."

The new window appliance will function as a comfort subsystem that complements the existing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, said Honeywell’s Schrankler. "The SAGE-Honeywell window appliance will give homeowners, building owners and building occupants an important new tool to manage their comfort and energy use."

Windows are universally loved for the view they provide and light they let in. The new window appliance from Honeywell and SAGE will cut glare, enhance comfort, save energy and let occupants enjoy the view.

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SAGE Electrochromics, Inc., has been developing electrochromic technology for 10 years and is the leader in switchable electro-optic technology for the construction window markets. SAGE receives support from the U.S. Department of Defense Power Division and Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Research Labs’ Dual Use Program, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Advanced Technology Program underwrote the companies early technology development work. SAGE is a privately held company based in Faribault, Minn.

Honeywell Home & Building Control is a US$5 billion business that provides products and services to create efficient, safe, comfortable environments. The business offers controls for heating, ventilation, humidification and air-conditioning equipment, security and fire alarm systems, home automation systems, energy-efficient lighting controls and building management systems and services.

Honeywell is a US$25-billion diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; power generation systems; specialty chemicals; fibers; plastics; and electronic and advanced materials. The company is a leading provider of software and solutions, and Internet e-hubs including, and (joint venture with United Technologies, BFGoodrich and i2 Technologies). Honeywell employs approximately 120,000 people in 95 countries and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HON, as well as on the London, Chicago and Pacific stock exchanges. It is one of the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is also a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. Additional information on the company is available on the Internet at

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Donnelly and Schott form Joint Venture

Release: April 29, 1999


Donnelly Corporation, based in Holland, Michigan, and Schott Corporation, based in Yonkers, New York, today announced the formation of a new joint-venture operation that will design and manufacture electrochromic windows.

The new company, Schott Donnelly LLC Smart Glass Solutions, will be a 50/50 joint venture owned by Donnelly and Schott, and will initially be based in Tucson, Arizona. Schott Donnelly LLC Smart Glass Solutions will provide electrochromic glass for automotive and architectural applications.

Electrochromic glass darkens automatically or through controlled dimming to reduce unwanted solar heat and glare. The result is reduced energy costs, reduced glare and improved comfort for occupants of buildings and vehicles equipped with electrochromic glass.

Donnelly currently produces and sells to automotive customers around the world electrochromic mirrors that dim automatically to reduce headlight glare during nighttime driving. Over the past five years, the company's Advanced Technology Center in Tucson has worked extensively in the development of electrochromic windows, including a major research project funded by the United States Department of Energy.

Schott Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schott Glas, which is based in Germany and is one of the world?s leading producers of specialty glass products. With its extensive expertise in glass technologies and its strong international position, Schott's involvement in the joint venture will help create opportunities for commercialization of the technology and help establish a truly global market for Schott Donnelly LLC Smart Glass Solutions products.

"Schott's technological expertise and global strength in the specialty glass markets make them ideal partners for us to work with in commercializing electrochromic glass technologies," said Dwane Baumgardner, Donnelly chairman and chief executive officer. We have long held a vision of dramatically expanding the applications of our EC technologies, and through this partnership with Schott our vision will become reality.

"Donnelly is a very respected name in the automotive industry with a strong technological background in the electrochromic field," stated Guy De Coninck, vice chairman, chief executive officer and president of Schott Corporation. "Schott and Donnelly have a long record of innovation in the field of special glass solutions. We are very excited about the future potential in the field of electrochromic application."

Donnelly Corporation is an international automotive supplier dedicated to serving customers around the globe with industry-leading components and systems in automotive mirrors, windows, door handles and interior trim and lighting.

Through its various product lines, Donnelly is a supplier to every major automotive manufacturer in the world. The company has been based in Holland, Michigan, since 1905, and today has approximately 5,500 employees in 12 countries worldwide. For more than 40 years, Donnelly has been recognized as a leader in the application of participative management philosophies and practices.

Schott Corporation is the North American headquarters for the Schott Group (Germany), and has 12 divisions and subsidiaries employing approximately 3,000 people for the manufacture and distribution of special glass and glass-related systems. The Schott Group employs more than 17,000 people worldwide and has sales of nearly $1.8 billion.

SAGE Moves to Viratec Site in Minnesota

SAGE Electrochromics and Apogee Enterprises signed a joint scale-up and product demonstration agreement.  SAGE's technology could have applications for two of Apogee's Glass Technologies businesses, Viracon and Viratec. Viracon is a leading global producer and marketer of high-performance architectural windows.  Viratec produces optical coatings for non-architectural glass products.