Current Inter-laboratory comparison

Current Inter-laboratory comparison

Inter-laboratory Comparison 2019


All laboratories that measure data that is submitted to the IGDB (International Glazing Database) must participate in an ILC (Inter-laboratory comparison) every four years. This includes laboratories that were approved after the last ILC (four years ago), i.e. laboratories that were included in between ILCs.

In addition to the IGDB submitters there are other institutes that voluntarily participate.

Goals for ILC 2019

The three samples of this ILC aim to cover:

  • high and low transmittance
  • variation between visible and NIR
  • low emissivity
  • 3 mm thick samples


Instructions as well as example files will be found in the Related Downloads section below.

  • box0_2.txt is an example of how a measurement file might look (the file exemplifies the format, not the data; i.e. the data is for a different coated sample).
  • box0info.txt is an example of how a instrument description file might look.
  • boxXinfo.txt is an empty copy of the instrument description file.

NFRC Report

The report will be presented at the NFRC 2020 fall meeting and posted on this web page.

Related Downloads: 
PDF icon NFRC ILC 2019 Instructions.pdf87.96 KB
Plain text icon box0_2.txt18.78 KB
Plain text icon box0info.txt2.09 KB
Plain text icon boxXinfo.txt1.61 KB
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