Advanced Systems:
high Performance fenestration systems

Research areas:

Research activities to improve the performance of windows and other fenestration products must address window systems issues as well as Glazing Materials research. LBNL activities in the area of Advanced Systems include research at both the product level and the building envelope and building systems levels.

  • Highly insulating windows - using non structural center layers
    • Lower cost solutions to more insulating three layer glazing systems, with the potential to turn windows in U.S. heating dominated residential applications into net-energy gainers.
  • Highly Insulating Window Frames
    • In collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, we are researching the potentials for highly insulating window frames. Our initial work examines European frames with reported U-factors under 0.15 Btu/hr-ft2-F. Future research aims to analyze these designs, verify these performance levels and ensure that procedures used to calculate frame performance are accurate.
  • Gas Filled Panels
    •  Lightweight, opaque, high-performance insulating material.
  • Dynamically shaded windows
    • A residential window retrofitted with a "smart" shade controller, that provides dynamic solar control
  • Switchable glazings
    • Technology that enables dynamic control over glazing transmittance.
  • Integrated Window/Wall System
    • A window and the surrounding wall area are designed and built as a manufactured unit, offering the potential for significantly increased performance.

For more information you can read the following papers, or contact Dariush Arasteh

Recent publications:

Performance Criteria for Residential Zero Energy Windows

Highly Insulating Glazing Systems using Non-Structural Center Glazing Layers,, D. Arasteh, H. Goudey, C. Kohler, 2006, Submitted to ASHRAE for review.

Future Advanced Windows for Zero-Energy Homes